Source code for workbench.workers.help_formatter

''' HelpFormatter worker '''

from IPython.utils.coloransi import TermColors as color
#pylint: disable=no-member

class HelpFormatter(object):
[docs] ''' This worker does CLI formatting and coloring for any help object ''' dependencies = ['help_base'] def execute(self, input_data):
[docs] ''' Do CLI formatting and coloring based on the type_tag ''' input_data = input_data['help_base'] type_tag = input_data['type_tag'] # Standard help text if type_tag == 'help': output = '%s%s%s' % (color.LightBlue, input_data['help'], color.Normal) # Worker elif type_tag == 'worker': output = '%s%s' % (color.Yellow, input_data['name']) output += '\n %sInput: %s%s%s' % (color.LightBlue, color.Green, input_data['dependencies'], color.Normal) output += '\n %s%s' % (color.Green, input_data['docstring']) # Command elif type_tag == 'command': output = '%s%s%s %s' % (color.Yellow, input_data['command'], color.LightBlue, input_data['sig']) output += '\n %s%s%s' % (color.Green, input_data['docstring'], color.Normal) # WTF: Alert on unknown type_tag and return a string of the input_data else: print 'Alert: help_formatter worker received malformed object: %s' % str(input_data) output = '\n%s%s%s' % (color.Red, str(input_data), color.Normal) # Return the formatted and colored help return {'help': output} # Unit test: Create the class, the proper input and run the execute() method for a test def test():
[docs] ''' Unit test''' # This worker test requires a local server running import zerorpc workbench = zerorpc.Client(timeout=300, heartbeat=60) workbench.connect("tcp://") # Generate input for the worker input_data1 = workbench.work_request('help_base', 'workbench') input_data2 = workbench.work_request('help_base', 'meta') input_data3 = workbench.work_request('help_base', 'store_sample') # Execute the worker (unit test) worker = HelpFormatter() output = worker.execute(input_data1) print '\n<<< Unit Test >>>' print output['help'] output = worker.execute(input_data2) print '\n<<< Unit Test >>>' print output['help'] output = worker.execute(input_data3) print '\n<<< Unit Test >>>' print output['help'] # Execute the worker (server test) output = workbench.work_request('help_formatter', 'meta') print '\n<<< Server Test >>>' print output['help_formatter']['help'] if __name__ == "__main__":