workbench.server.bro package


workbench.server.bro.bro_log_reader module

This module handles the mechanics around easily pulling in Bro Log data.

The read_log method is a generator (in the python sense) for rows in a Bro log, because of this, it’s memory efficient and does not read the entire file into memory.

class workbench.server.bro.bro_log_reader.BroLogReader(convert_datetimes=True)[source]

Bases: object

This class implements a python based Bro Log Reader.

Init for BroLogReader.


The read_log method returns a memory efficient generator for rows in a Bro log.


rows = my_bro_reader.read_log(logfile) for row in rows:

do something with row
Parameters:logfile – The Bro Log file.

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